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The design process



Whether you’re ordering from my stockists or directly through my website, you’ll only ever be speaking to me, your designer and creator. I guarantee by the end of this gorgeous process I’ll be your best friend, wedding guru and all round hype girl!

We start off by me getting to know you and a little more about your love and engagement story, your stunning wedding plans and if you have your dress, I LOVE to see pictures. Mainly because it helps me figure out what fabrics & details will work but also because I am wedding dress obsessed!

Veil guide.png


From our initial friendly chat, I’ll talk you through the different tulle options, colours and the tiny details such as beading, personalisation and comb style and colour.
(Tulle swatches and embellishments can be sent out upon request).

Length and tier options will also be discussed and if you’re unsure on the length you’d like, I’ll talk you through how to measure your custom length.

If you’ve got an amazing imagination and you can picture your finished piece, FABULOUS!! If you’re more visual and need more of an idea, I will sketch out your design and if needed, variations of your design for you to look over.

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Once we’ve got all the details down and we’re both super excited, I’ll quote you for your design. Whether you’re spending £100 to infinity (and beyond) I will always work with you to adapt your design to meet your perfect needs.

You can choose to either pay for your design in full, or 50% deposit upon order and the remainder upon completion.

Once your payment has been received, I can then order all supplies and fabrics
needed to begin the creation process.



Your Veil will be hand cut, gathered and embellished to match your design.

Sounds simple but as all my Veils are hand made and hand beaded, this can take a while. I will always keep you updated once work has begun.

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It’s today! Your Veil is finished!
I will send you pictures and videos of your finished Veil to check you are 100% happy and let you know that your balance is due.

When you’ve Ok’d everything and the balance has been received, your Veil be lovingly packed into her box and posted to you via tracked and signed for delivery.

Listen out for that doorbell, your special delivery is on her way x


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