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Want to sparkle down the aisle or create a contemporary but chic look?
Adding embellishment is the perfect way to add sumptuous luxury to your Veil!


My personal Bridey’s favourites! The pearl is a timeless classic…but she doesn’t have to be.
Adding pearls to your Veil is the best of both worlds. For one, pearls are soo on trend, they work
with every dress, from the simple chic to the biggest glittery fairytale.
Plus, because they’re a timeless classic they’re always going to be a trend.
Pearl clusters, floating pearls, pearl scatter edging or a simple scatter all over your Veil. Forget what
they say about diamonds, pearls are really a girl’s best friend, especially when it comes to Bridal!



We’re talking subtle twinkle, crystal beaded edging to extreme glitter tulle.
A Veil with added sparkle is a showstopper and a half! But don’t worry, for those who are just
looking for a hint of glimmer, using the tiniest of crystal beading can be all you need.
Level up a plain crepe beauty by opting for heavy glitz scattered all over your Veil.
Or if you need the more subtle approach to balance out your crystal encrusted gown, I’ll add subtle
AB crystal bicone beads to simply catch the light.
You control your level of sparkle!


The romance of flowers is ever present in all aspects of Bridal!
Using 3D flowers is the most versatile way to add that oomph and ethereal romance to your finished look.

Whether you choose Ivory Silk flowers to keep that subtle romance cascading down your Veil, or we
opt for a bold colourful waterfall edging. Silk flowers can even be hand painted in your choice of


When it comes to lace, the world is your oyster! Lace can range from traditional corded edging, botanical inspired meadow like, large floral designs and delicate vines.

All lace can be used to create Veils with a full lace border or placed at the base of the Veil as a
dramatic end to your train. I can also cut your chosen lace into motifs which can be scattered all over the Veil or meticulously placed around the edge for a truly unique look. Traditional or modern, lace can work with any gown so long as we work together to find matching lace or lace which mirrors elements of your dress.

Other embellishment such as feathers, ribbon, crinoline and so much more can be added to make your Veil completely unique to you!

Let's start embellishing your veil...

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