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Those memorable finishing touches make all the difference, so let’s make them together…

When it comes to adding in special details, personalised embroidery can be fun, cool, meaningful, bold, subtle and so much more! The possibilities are endless!

If you can write it, draw it, sing it, I can sketch and design it into embroidery.

From wedding dates to song lyrics, the date you got engaged to a loved ones names…

A floral design to a sketch of your little furbaby…

Even your little ones or passed loved ones handwriting can be transformed and placed on your Veil to create a beautiful sentiment.


When it comes to choosing the perfect font for your design there are many options.

My two most popular are...
Bold & Block - Creating a big modern statement

Soft & Scripted- Romantic, lyrical and subtle


Adding custom artwork designs to your Veil can elevate your Bridal look to new heights! I can take lace from your dress and recreate embroidery to compliment. Create a floral and vine border/edging.
Add special touches like a special place you’ve visited, a starry nights sky or your pets. With soo much choice, your Veil will be truly one of a kind!

Let’s begin your custom embroidery journey together…

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